Welcome to Head Over Heels

Our Mission Statement

Head Over Heels was started in order to provide a fun and safe environment while promoting health and fitness. All classes offered are designed to develop balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and teamwork. Our non competitive environment allows are coaching staff to instruct through positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than through criticism and pressure. Although our program in noncompetitive, our curriculum rivals that of competitive programs. Our overall mission at Head Over Heels is to provide a place where all children feel secure, confident, and supported regardless of skill level.

Our mission statement contains three major components:

Commitment to our client:
We will maintain a clean, safe, and fun environment for you and your child.
Commitment to our students:
Our classes will teach athletic skills that can not only be applied to your gymnastics training but to any and all other sports.
Teaching philosophy:
We promise to teach in a way that will help raise your child’s self-esteem.

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